2018 Auto Crusade Car Show Autocross

The Auto Crusade Car Show is a event that has been going on for 25 yrs and it gets bigger and better every year...For the 2018 event they added autocross...In this video I talk to Clay one of the people involved in putting on the autocross part of the event...And He tells Me how much fun autocross can be and easy to get started...The Auto Crusade Cars show is a open show...If it's cool...Bring it out....They have high end shows cars and trucks...Also everyday drivers and as you will see in this video....Full blown race cars...Now you don't have to be a experienced race car drive to run your hot rod around the Auto Crusade Autocross track ,...Just register for the show and head over and see what you can do....At the 2018 Auto Crusade Car Show Autocross they had every level of driver and all types of vehicles....This event is family friendly and a great way to spend a couple of days.. The Cummings Ga area is a beautiful part of the country and the people are some of the best host you will ever have the pleasure of meeting....If you missed the 2018 event make sure you make your arrangements now to be there for the 2019 Auto Crusade car Show....Now check out this video and get your hot rod shinned up!!
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For more information on this event please visit https://autocrusadecarshow.com/schedule

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