1990 GMC Sierra Street Truck 2019 Auto Crusade Car Show

Check out this 1990 GMC Sierra Street Truck I found at the 2019 Auto Crusade Car Show in Cumming Ga...The Auto Crusade Car Show has been going on for several years and continues to get bigger and better every year..I always find some cool cars and trucks at this event and always look forward to attending!!...This 1990 GMC Sierra Street Truck is not a over the top custom but a fine example of what a factory Street Truck should be...A stance that is low but could be driven daily...Wheels are always a personal choice but the black chrome ones this 1990 GMC Sierra from the 2019 Auto Crusade Car wears work for me and the wheel style fits the build perfectly...The interior is pretty close to stock looking with a bench seat that gives you that pickup truck look and feel...And to be a legit Street Truck it has to have some get up and go...Under the hood of this 1990 GMC Sierra the 502 Big Block should give you all of that you need...White is not on the top of my list of cool colors...But it works well on this 1990 GMC Sierra Street Truck and with some black racing stripes to accent it I think it has a very clean look about it...I thought it was cool and I am sure You will to..Check it out!!
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