1988 Conquest TSI LS Swap 2018 Auto Crusade Car Show

The Conquest TSI has always been a cool car to Me...When they were new on the streets they were little out of my budget..But anytime I find a nice one I have to shoot it...So when I found this 1988 Conquest TSI at the 2018 Auto Crusade Car Show it brought a smile to my face...Little did I know that this was no normal 1988 Conquest TSI....This one has a LS3 under the hood...How cool is that!?!?!..The stance has been improved over stock...The interior while mostly stock..Has had the rear seat removed and some race seats added....The complete car has been upgraded and the owner was out running laps on the autocross track at the 2018 Auto Crusade Car Show....So it's getting used not just shown....As I'm told in the interview this was this first time the owner had done any kind of Autocross event but He was hooked and with some more upgrades He will be back at the 2019 Auto Crusade Car Show with this 1988 Conquest TSI and plans on being more competitive...A very cool car for sure....Check it out!!
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