1987 Buick Grand National T-Top Mostly Original

A 1987 Buick Grand National....And that is where this description could stop....I mean what else needs to be said....When you hear Buick Grand National....Your heart should start to race...I mean when these cars hit the streets!?!...They put fear into every hot rod setting at a traffic light ..I mean no one wanted to get beat by a 6 cyl!?!?...And you knew it was possible....lol...To look at what we have available from the factory today...The Buick Grand National is nothing....I mean...mini vans have more horsepower now then the Buick Grand Nationals did...But what a game changer they were.
And I think they get the respect they deserve...I always take time to check one out if I see one...They make Me smile...And when I find one that is as original as this one...With the history it has...Only two owners and the current owner has had it since high school...On top of it being a really original 1987 Buick Grand National...It's a T-top car. and being a child of the 80's...I love T-tops!!...I was down visiting Concept One Pulley Systems a couple of weeks back and got Randy one of the owners of Concept One Pulley Systems to get this classic cool Buick out of the garage and let Me shoot a little video of it...Cool Car for sure..I think you will agree...Check it out!!!
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