1985 Chevrolet C10 Street Truck 2019 Auto Crusade Car Show

Check out this 1985 Chevrolet C10 street Truck from the 2019 Auto Crusade Car Show... This body style Chevrolet C/10 has a big following and one that is getting bigger by the day...This custom pickup doesn't have many body mods...As a matter of fact it still has it's mirrors..Door handles...What looks to Me like all the factory trim...But make no mistake this 2005 Chevrolet C/10 pickup has been taken to the next level..Stance is king and this Pickup from the 2019 Auto Crusade Car show has as good of a stance as you will get and still be able to drive it to dinner without a worry...Wheels are always a personal choice but I like that the wheels are period correct for this build...Nothing to fancy of over the top...But ones that work well in my opinion for this build...The interior is very nice and fits the build well with a next level factory look about it...Under the hood no custom paneling...But things have been cleaned up and hopped up...If hear what I'm saying?!!?...lol...This 1985 Chevrolet C/10 Street Truck from the 2019 Auto Crusade Car Show is set up to cruise and has a old school cool look about it that really works for Me.I'm sure it will work for You to!!
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