1979 AMC AMX Spirit Auctions America Auburn Fall Collector Car Weekend

A 1979 AMC AMX Spirit I found in a back building at the Auctions America complex...These AMC Spirits were AMC replacement for the Gremlin...I always thought that the AMC Spirits were much cooler though..And I know it wasn't any more than a sticker package..But I have always been a fan of the AMX....American Motors is long gone now but it is always cool to see something like this 1979 AMC AMX Spirit..And think back to when these were running the streets....The Auctions America Auburn Fall Collector Car Weekend is so much more than a Classic Car Auction and you never know what you will find while walking the property....This 1979 AMC AMX Spirit may not be any real Hot Rod...But I think it is cool and I think you will to...Check it out!!!
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