1977 Ford F-150 Ken Block Hoonitruck 2018 SEMA Show

The 1977 Ford F-150 built for Ford performance driver Ken Block. Unveiled a the 2018 SEMA Show I was able to get up close and check it out to see what they were working with....What Ken Block will be working with is a 1977 Ford F-150..If only in shape...There isn't much left that came from Ford back in 1977....With twin turbos sticking out of the hood and the eco-boost V-6 Ford racing motor from the Ford GT race car....Little over 900 Horse power The drive train is now all wheel drive....The bed...What bed!? ..lol Detroit Speed has removed most of that when they were fabricating the custom chassis and rear suspension...The interior is as you would expect...Except the is a passengers seat ... Hummm...Wonder how I can get a press pass for that?!!?....Ken Block didn't drive the 1977 Ford F-150 Hoonitruck at the 2018 SEMA Show..They have a debut video planed sometime 12/18 I didn't even get to hear it run....But I did get a close look at it...And it's a very cool street truck that's for sure..I can't wait to see what Ken Block can do with it from behind the wheel....But until then Check it out standing still....It maybe the only chance you get!!
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