1973 Pontiac Trans Am Autocross Street Car

In this video I stop by and check out a very cool 1973 Pontiac Trans Am Autocross Street Car while I was attending the Auto Crusade Auto Show. The owner tells me that even though this 73 Trans Am was built to run auto cross....It is licened and titled so that He can drive it on the street also. The body is covered in black paint. The interior is also black with a full roll cage....Under the hood is a cleanly installed LS3, The suspension has all been upgraded with Detroit Speed products. Wheels are always a personal choice and no ones set will please everyone...I like the ones they chose to run on this 1973 Pontiac Trans Am...This 1973 Pontiac Trans Am is the best of both worlds. It's will turn laps and take You to the grocery store...Way cool for sure...Check it out!!

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