1972 Ford F100 "F1K" Twin Turbo 1000 HP Street Truck Steve Holcomb Pro Auto Custom Interiors

Here it is...The 1972 Ford F100 Street Truck..."F1K"...This truck started life as a stock 1972 Ford F100 short bed pickup...John wanted to build a truck that would be sure to get some attention....He wanted just a few changes made under the hood...No more core support and some custom inter fenders...Some general clean up...The bed would need to be raised to get the stance right on this 1972 Ford F100..But He didn't want it to be obvious....Both those boxes checked..John also knew that he wanted Steve Holcomb pro auto custom interiors to handle the custom interior...Steve and the boys at Pro Auto custom interiors nailed it.. They gave this custom 1972 Ford F100 Street Truck the perfect interior ... Aggressive.. But not so aggressive...It feels unusable...Very cool for sure...Wheels are always a personal choice...But I dig the color matched ones this 1972 Ford F100 pickup wears....Under the hood....A 1000 HP Twin Turbo 5.0 Coyote....How cool is that!??!...Your going to love the 1972 Ford F100 Street Truck F1K as much as I do...Check it out!!!
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