1971 Plymouth Barracuda Pro Street "Incredible Hulk" 2017 Pigeon Forge Rod Run fall

The 1971 Plymouth Barracuda Pro Street Car "Incredible Hulk" I caught up with it at the 2017 Pigeon Forge Rod Run...Although it is way over the top with 3 four barrel carburetors sticking out of the hood...Or the whole were the hood would go...There has not been any modifications done that can't be undone...Of course it has a HEMI....A blown 499 cu in HEMI....A custom interior that fits the build rather nicely....A good wheel choice and just the right stance for this car...The color is the reason it has earned the name "Incredible Hulk"....But that BIG blown HEMI helps back it up...Lou Ferrigno signed off on it himself....One crazy MOPAR....Check it out!!!
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