1971 Ford Mustang "71 Mach Foose Mustang" Foose Design The SEMA Show 2017

The 1971 Mach 1 Mustang "71 Mach Foose Mustang" was given a new life by Chip and his team. They dropped the classic 71' Mustang body onto a modern 2010 Mustang GT, and extended the wheelbase by 3 inches. The front end is been all redone and I really like what they did there still Mach 1 Mustang,,,,But cleaner...The flatness of the 71's stock rear quarter panels was addressed by replacing them with quarter panels from a 70 Mustang. These new panels added new shape and width to fit wider rear wheels & tires..It's a Foose Design so of course it's way cool...Check it out!!!
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