1971 Ford Maverick "Maverick" Greening Auto Company Bare Metal

I was down at Greening Auto Company some time back to shoot a very cool 2nd generation Camaro that they had built...I couldn't help but wonder around the shop and see what Jesse and the Boys were working on...I never expected to find a 1971 Ford Maverick?!?! lol...But even where it was at in the build....Very early.....You could tell this was going to be one very special 1971 Ford Maverick Jesse Greening was nice enough to let Me shoot some video of it in bare metal...In this video Jesse tells Me that the plan is to build one car..That will serve several purposes...The client wants to be able to make some easy changes and go from pikes peak...To a autocross track...Then maybe head out on the power tour...And do some drag racing.... That is a lot to ask...And it is not the first time it has been tried..We can only stick around and see...I will say one thing...I have known Jesse Greening for a few years...Very smart..Talented Dude...And if you were setting out to turn a 1974 Ford Maverick into a well engineered street/race car ...He would be a good one to call...This car is set to debuted at The SEMA Show 2018...I will have the finished product on ScottieDTV shorty after...It's cool in Bare Metal I'm sure it will be even cooler when it is finished...Check it out!!
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