1971 Dodge Challenger R/T "Concepts By Fineline" 2018 Pigeon Forge Rod Run spring

A 1971 Dodge Challenger that Shawn with Concepts By Fineline brought to the 2018 Pigeon Forge Rod Run as part of the 2018 ScottieDTV Dirty Dozen...The car had not been seen on ScottieDTV before this show but being familiar with Shawn's work I knew it would be a proud part of the 13 invited guest of ScottieDTV...This 1971 Dodge Challenger in amazing...The blackest....Deepest paint I have seen in a long time...A 6.1 HEMI under the hood...The rest is very nicely done MOPAR....The body lines have been sharpened....
Some wider tires and bigger wheels than what came from Dodge back in 1971...The interior looks like it could have come from MOPAR back in 71....But a upgraded version...Covered in leather and finished to a very high level....Everyone should enjoy this one
Ohhh...I almost forgot...It's a vinyl top car....How cool is that!?!?!
One very nice 1971 Dodge Challenger....Check it out!!!!
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