1970 Volkswagen Bug Street Rod "Insane" 2018 NSRA Street Rod Nationals

The 1970 Volkswagen Bug.. "Insane"...Debuted at the 2018 NSRA Street Rod Nationals In Louisville Ky...If a name ever fit the build it is this one...This Volkswagen Bug is all one off custom...From the front to the rear....It has been stretched..Chopped...Suicide doors OH! And now there is a twin turbo small block chevy under the hood making over 500 HP!?..The interior is also all one off custom with a Aircraft thyme going on in there....It's on air so it will lay on the ground..Watch your feet!!...The color is a a custom mix just for this build...But is now available for your next build....The rear wheels are one off custom to match the front wheels....I would not consider myself a big VW fan...They are what they are and I appreciate that people love them...But I'm more of a American Muscle kinda guy...But I am also a fan of cool and this 1970 Volkswagen is way cool for sure..Check it out!!
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