1970 Ford Torino Fastback "Cobra Jet" "Drag Pack" 2016 Kavalcade Of Kool Auctions America Park

A 1970 Ford Torino I shot at the 2016 Kavalcade Of Kool at the Auctions America Park in Auburn IN...These fastback Torino are cool Cars from the factory.. but this one has a very cool story behind it...Car people understand that cars are not just transportation ...Troy's Dad was killed in one of these Cars....He had three...This one sat out side His Grandmothers kitchen window until She pasted....Troy's Uncle than gave him the car...He has restored it over the past several years and now isn't afraid to raise some hell in it...Just like His Dad would have....Cool Car...With a cool story....Check it out!!!...Please subscribe and visit www.scottiedtv.com The Coolest Cars On The Web!!!

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