1968 Dodge Charger "C68 Carbon" Carbon fiber Custom Body On A Hellcat Platform 2022 SEMA Show

In this video from The SEMA Show 2022 I have a 1968 Dodge Charger.....Well sort of?? It's so close that it may take a second to notice...There is something different about this Plumb Crazy 1968 Dodge Charger from The SEMA Show 2022...There is a company Exomod that is offering all the cool of the classic Doge Charger, with the reliability and performance of a 2023 Dodge Hellcat. They start with a 2011 or newer Dodge Charger and then remove the body and replace it with one that looks like the iconic 68 Dodge Charger, made completely of Carbon Fiber!! From what I could tell the interior is still all Hellcat and you can get the C68 Dodge Charger with any of the available interiors in 2011 or newer Dodge Hellcat Challengers. Under the custom hood is exactly what you would find if you opened the hood on the 2022 Dodge Hellcat. Just about any color is available since the custom carbon fiber body can be painted...Keep in mind that if it comes in the new Dodge Hellcat, than it's in this car....If You should have a problem...Any Dodge dealer should be able to help you get back on the road...My understanding is that they can still carry the factory warranty depending on the donor car...I thought it was cool...I'm sure You will too...The 1968 Dodge Charger "C68" a custom Carbon Fiber 68 Dodge Charger Body on Newest Dodge Hellcat Platform from The SEMA Show 2022....Check it out!!!!

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