1968 Chevrolet Tahoe Phantom "The Ghoesst" 2018 GoodGuy's PPG Nationals

It never existed...This 1968 Phantom Tahoe is a one off custom built by Brandon Sisco of Barrett Jackson Garage...The only request He had.. is that you don't call it a blazer...Ooops...Sorry Brother...I had no idea what it was...The reason this is important is because this is no K5 Blazer slammed to the ground and sent to paint...This 1968 Phantom Tahoe started life as a suburban and doesn't share any dimension or body panels with the K5 Blazer... It's all one off custom to give it the perfect dimensions the builder wanted to give Him the proper look of a 1968 2 door Tahoe..The love of the look of the 1995-99 Tahoe..The inspiration for this build....To say they nailed it would be a understatement....Fooled Me!?!?...This build will blow you mind once you understand what your looking at....The interior is blood red and all custom...Fits perfect with the out side...A supercharged LS under the hood and a bunch more work to fit the interfenders and hide all the wiring...And again mostly blood red to match the interior...Wheels are always a personal choice but the ones the 1968 Phantom Tahoe "The Ghosst" from the 2018 Goodguy's PPG Nationals work for Me..This is one very cool build and I am a BIG fan...I'm sure you will be to...Check it out!!
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