1967 Pontiac GTO Resto Rod 2018 SEMA Show

Check out this 1967 GTO Resto Rod I found at The SEMA Show 2018..Built by Kindig-it Designs....This one of those classy cool builds...A build that will always be cool..Nothing over the top..Nothing you can put your finger on that has been changed..But there is no doubt that is much nicer than what rolled out of Pontiac back in 1967...It's covered in a dark blue paint that almost looks black at times..And they used a tan as the accent color that works really well also...The interior is that tan color...All custom...But not over the top crazy custom...More like a upgraded...Modern version of what could have come stock in a Pontiac GTO back in the 60's...Wheel choice is always a personal choice...I really like the ones that this 1967 Pontiac GTO from the 2018 SEMA Show wears It's also has some cool red line tires that kinda give it a Hot Wheels kinda vibe...Under the hood is very cool and clean..Custom everything and to be honest..I have no idea what power plant ..This 1967 Pontiac GTO built by Kindig-It Design from the 2018 SEMA Show is one that received a lot of attention...For good reason..Way cool for sure..I know you are going to love it...Check it out!!!
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