1966 GMC Suburban Street Cruiser Grand National Roadster Show 2018

A 1966 GMC Suburban I found at The Grand National Roadster Show 2018....This one is about 90% complete.....But that's by design...The owner has a bad habit of selling His projects as soon as they are done and He really likes this one and wants to keep it for awhile...I don't blame Him...It's very cool for sure....It's on bags so it lays on the ground....The wheel choice is right on...He has the body done nice...But not over done...It's meant to be driven.. Modern drivetrain makes it very reliable....The interior still has a old school vibe....But done very nicely and fits the build perfect.....I love Hot Rods like this one...You can cruise your crew with you...Your whole crew and still have room for the cooler....I hope you like this 1966 GMC Suburban as much as I did...Check it out!!!
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