1966 Ford Mustang Convertible "BRB 114" Korek Designs 2017 Goodguy's PPG Nationals

The 1966 Ford Mustang Convertible "BRB 114" built by Korek Designs. This Car has been in the family since brand new...Grandpa went down and picked it up back in 1966..I caught up with it at the 2017 Goodguy's PPG Nationals....There are three generations involved with this build and all have the same initials ...BRB....The 114 was the number the family ran on their successful dirt car for years..A tribute to it all was asked for.,..I have known Ryan at Korek Designs for several years and they always deliver a nice product at the end...This 1966 Ford Mustang Convertible was built to drive....And if the owners decided to drive it to a car show every now and than....I'm sure It will win some awards....You are going to want to barrow the keys to this one...Check it out!!!....Make sure you Subscribe to this Channel and Visit www.scottiedtv.com For cool new content weekly!!!

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