1966 Ford F100 Pickup Restomod 2019 Auto Crusade

Check out this 1966 Ford F100 Pickup I found down at the 2019 Auto Crusade in Cummings Ga....The truck started down the road of a full restoration but somewhere along the way it drifted towards more of a restomod type of build...Where it ended was a very cool 1966 Ford F100..Not a real aggressive stance but as low as it would go without cutting into the truck...And drive without any worries of rubbing or dragging....The interior is custom but very fitting for this pickup truck..The green and white two tone paint combination works really well on this 1966 Ford F100 from the 2019 Auto Crusade...Not combination you see everyday....But it gives the truck a fresh and clean look and I dig it... Wheels are always a personal choice but the ones that this 66 Ford F100 wears go very well with the theme of the build...The Auto Crusade car show always has some cool stuff for Me to check out and the good people of Cummings Ga are some of the best host on the planet... Check out this 1966 Ford F100 Pickup from this event and makes plans to come check it out next year in person!!
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