1966 Ford F100 Muscle Truck 2019 F100 Show Pigeon Forge Tn

Check out this 1966 Ford F100 Pickup Truck I found at the F100 Show in Pigeon Forge Tennessee...I feel like it is a muscle trucks...Not aggressive enough for a street trucks..To modern to be a hot rod....But to Me....What I think of when I think muscle truck...Some light custom fabrication...The back bumper is all molded in...The gaps have all been made right.. The lines are sharper..It still has a factory 66 F100 look to it...The cool of that...Is not gone!!
Wheels are always a personal choice but for a muscle truck torque thrust type wheels will always work...It looks as if it was dipped in silver paint and that it may drip on to the floor of the LeConte Center in Pigeon Forge Tn at any moment...This 1966 Ford F100 Muscle Truck from the F100 show is trimmed in a dark grey that works really well in my opinion...The interior is custom leather and very fitting for this build...Under the hood is the Ford 5.0 Coyote engine and a lot of work not only to get it in there....But to make it look as of it came from the factory with it under there....This is one very clean build and a very cool 1966 Ford F100 Muscle Truck...I'm sure you will love it...Check it out!!!
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