1964 Ford F100 Pickup Drift Truck RM Motor Werks

Check out this 1964 Ford F100 Pickup I found over at RM Motor Werks...It was there having some routine maintenance done on it...Andrew tells Me that the owner has put a lot of time into building this drift truck and likes to get out a blow the tires off it at drift contest...I don't spend a lot of time following the sport of drifting but I know cool and this 1964 Ford F100 is very cool...It has the perfect stance...Not a lot of money spent on paint and body....But that's ok it has the perfect finish for what it it...A twin turbo asphalt eating drift truck... That's right under the hood of this beast you will find a twin turbo small block Ford,...Right on...A Ford in a Ford....How cool is that!??!...Wheels are always a personal choice and in the case of a purpose built drift truck...They must not only be cool...But perform also and I think that was pulled off on this build...RM Motor Werks works on just about anything from the ScottieDTV Ford Mustang and ScottieDTV GMC Yukon SSUV to 1964 Ford F100 Drift Trucks like this one...I thought it was cool and I am sure you will to...Check it out!!!
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