1963 Chrysler Turbine Car Gilmore Car Museum Hickory Corners MI

In this video from the Gilmore Car Museum in Hickory Corners MI I check out a 1963 Chrysler Turbine Car...There were 55 of these turbine driven car built and there are only a 9 of them left. I had heard of them before, But I didn't think that I would ever see one of the remaining few in person let alone get the chance to shoot a video of one...They were all the same color Turbine Bronze...The interior was the part that I like the best...It's covered in bronze color leather that you wouldn't think would work, But it sure does!!...It has the driveshaft running up the center...Very cool...But impossible to explain....And under the hood the Chrysler A-831 Gas Turbine Engine. The Gilmore Car Museum in Hickory Corners Michigan is a great place to learn about automotive history....A very cool place to visit for sure....They have stuff from before the combustion engine to concept cars....They have a coupe of replica automobile dealerships ....They have a working 1950's diner...And of course they have this 1963 Chrysler Turbine Car...A very cool place for sure...Check it out!!!
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