1962 Ford Unibody Pickup Muscle Truck 2018 NSRA Street Rod Nationals South

A 1962 Ford Unibody pickup I found at the 2018 NSRA Street Rod Nationals South in Knoxville Tn...You don't see a ton of these 1962 Ford Unibody Pickups since they were only around for 3 years ... And although they have a sleek cool look...The bed and the cab being one piece turned out to be a bad idea...This 1962 Ford unibody Pick up has been restored to a very high level although not over the top or so nice that you would be afraid to get it out and cruise around...There is a 351 Cleveland under the hood..These 1962 Ford unibody Pickups are kinda rare so you wouldn't want to make a lot of modifications to it and the modifications that have been done to this 1962 Ford Unibody Pickup from the 2018 NSRA Street Rod Nationals South from Knoxville Tn are very tasteful...I thought it was a very nice build..I think you will to..Check it out!!
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