1962 Chrysler 300 V-10 "Doris" The Classic Car Studio Speed Is The New Black The SEMA Show 2017

The 1962 Chrysler 300...."Doris" built by The Classic Car Studio Speed Shop for a client on their TV show Speed is the new Black. I caught up with them and the car at The SEMA Show 2017...The Car had been at several shops before it showed up at their's...Once Noah and the boy got their hands on it they knew how to make it cool....Don't touch the natural patina....But stuff a Viper V-10 motor under the hood....Make sure you leave room for some turbos...Scott tells me...Although it doesn't have them now...There is room for them in the future...The interior is mostly metal...With some different materials mixed in....One of a kind for sure...It may not have been a best seller back in the day...But I bet you will want this one...Very cool build for sure...Check it out!!!
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