1960 Pontiac Catalina Safari Wagon Custom Cruiser The Grand National Roadster Show 2018

A 1960 Pontiac Catalina Safari wagon I found at The Grand National Roadster Show 2018....This car is one that made me smile when I first laid eyes on it....I mean these things were not anything you would dream about from the factory so for someone to take one and slam it to the ground...Put some chrome steelies on it....Pain that is yellow at times...green....gold...just wild and make a hot rod out of it seemed very cool to Me...Then I ran onto someone that told me the back story on this 1960 Pontiac wagon.
This Car was bought brand new in New Jersey a few years later it was the car that took the Family to California...Three generations later here it is at The Grand National Roadster Show 2018 looking cooler than it ever has...Your going to love this car and it's very cool history...Check it out!!!
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