1960 Plymouth Fury Wagon Daily Land Speed Car 2020 Detroit Autorama

In this video I found a very cool two door 1960 Plymouth Fury Wagon at the 2020 Detroit Autorama from Detroit Michigan....What started life as a four door is now a two door...It's been chopped, has a full custom chassis...Custom everything!!...This 1960 Plymouth Fury Wagon was built to drive...As a matter of fact it was built to drive everyday and drive very fast...See as you will hear Gary tell me the idea was to take a car that He had been driving for years and turn it into a land speed car..But!..He still plans on driving it daily!?!...Not their first time down this road Gary tells Me they have built a land speed car before...This time it's a bigger challenge with a station wagon but they will drive the 426 HEMI gen 2 powered 60 Fury Wagon from Minnesota to Bonneville....Go over 200 MPH....Then drive home after that...I'm down!! ..lol. This 1960 Plymouth Fury Station Wagon... Daily driver...Land Speed car from the 2020 Detroit Autorama is one of a kind for sure and I it's very cool...I'm sure it will blown your mind like it did mine. Check it out!!! Make sure You Subscribe to this Channel and Visit ScottieDTV.com for cool new Family Friendly 4K content every week!! Coolest Cars On The Web!!
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