1960 Ford Starliner Alloways Hot Rod Shop Pro Auto Custom Interiors by Steve Holcomb

A 1960 Ford Starliner built by Alloway's Hot Rod Shop...In this video I'm able to get a few minutes of The Man in Black...Bobby Alloway himself to tell me about this 1960 Starliner that was just debuted at the 2017 Goodguy's Nashville Nationals....A 429 Boss..under the hood....A Lipstick red interior by Pro Auto Custom Interiors by Steve Holcomb that looks like some kinda serious upgrade to the 1960's stock interior....Big wheels in the back...Small ones up front give it the only stance you will get at Alloway's Hot Rods....Black paint that looks a mile deep....The boys at Alloway's Hot Rod Shop always build cool..And this Starliner is no exception....Oh ya.... Crank it up... That "Boss 9" pounds the ground...Check it out!!!... Make sure you Subscribe to this Channel and Visit www.scottiedtv.com For new cool content weekly!!!

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