1958 Chevrolet Impala Engraved Metal Paint 2018 SEMA Show

I have seen a lot of cool things while on my ScottieDTV adventure But what I found at the 2018 SEMA Show will blow your mind...It blew mine!!...Even though I have had like explained to Me ,Although it was in broken English....I get that it is paint...Not actual engraved grooves in the metal....But it's still hard for Me to wrap my mind around...I visited the west coast earlier this year and I checked out some of the local culture in the Low Riders that where at the Grand National Roadster Show...And to say I was impressed would be a under statement...But this 1958 Chevrolet Impala from the 2018 SEMA Show is a whole nother level....This is some mind bending attention to detail...This 1958 Chevy will be one that will have people talking for a long time...It's one that I will never forget...Very cool for sure...From the 2018 SEMA Show..One very cool...Over the top...You won't believe your eyes...1958 Chevrolet Impala...Check it out!!!
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