1953 Chevrolet Street Cruiser 2018 SEMA Show

Check out this 1953 Chevrolet Street Cruiser that I found at the 2018 SEMA Show...You don't see a lot of 1953 Chevy and I'm not sure I remember seeing one done to this level...The body has had several modification....Including a widebody...Under the custom hood again something you don't see everyday...And I am sure I have never see one...A Magnuson Siamese supercharge!?!? from back in the day...There can't be many of those left...The interior is a very cool custom interior that fits the build very well...If you think it is cool from the top..Wait till you see the bottom...Just as cool...Wheels are always a personal choice and I'm good with the ones the builder chose...This is a one of a kind 1953 Chevrolet from the 2018 SEMA Show...I thought it was way cool and I am sure you will to...Check it out!
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