1951 Henry J "Drag Addict" Gasser Race Car Drag Car Crazy Custom Paint Nichols Paint and Fab

In this video from Nichols Paint and Fab located in Watseka IL, I check out the 1951 Henry J "Drag Addict" Gasser Race Car that Justin Nichols put a crazy paint job on a few years back. The Henry J is on display in their showroom at the brand new shop that that opened summer of 2022. The base color is silver...It's a panel style paint job, from there...It is just pure art of the coolest level. Justin used several different colors to achieve this stunning work of art along with several different designs. Waterdrops, Lace Pattern, some has a 3D affect and of course there is some cool air brush work...It's one of those crazy paint jobs that You find something new everytime You walk around it...Very nice work and very cool! Wheels are always a personal choice and no one set will please everyone...The period correct ones they chose, work perfect in my opinion. The interior is what you would expect in a race car, except it's done to a very nice level..The carburetors sticking through the hole in the hood are connected to a small block Chey..Justin wasn't sure of the details..This 1951 Henry J was built by the owner and brought to Nichols Paint and Fab for the crazy custom Paint job only. One cool car for sure! The 1951 Henry J "Drag Addict" from Nichols Paint and Fab in Watseka IL..Check it out!!!
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