1950 Mercury 2 Door "Maximus" Lead Sled Crazy Custom 2023 Ridler Winner 2023 Detroit Autorama

In this video from The 2023 Detroit Autorama held in Detroit MI, I have the 1950 Mercury "Maximus" the 2023 Ridler Winner. The Don Ridler award is given to the top Custom in the World at the Detroit Autorama, It's a true unveil show, meaning when the cars or trucks come out of the trailer is the first time the public has seen the complete vehicle. Making it the only show that still has that qualification to compete. The 50 Merc "Maximus" is one crazy build for sure. The builder, Pro Comp Custom won the 2022 Ridler award also so Bruce knows what it takes to win! And He showed up ready to do it again...It's covered in a Candy Root Beer paint with some custom graphics. Just beautiful! The custom brown leather interior is just as crazy as the rest of the build..Wheels are always a personal choice and no one set will please everyone. The one off customs they chose to run on this 2023 Ridler Winning 1950 Mercury "Maximus" work well with the rest of the build! In My opinion! Under the custom hood is a cleanly installed 5.0 Coyote, some custom panel work and a bunch of fancy paint!!...Flip the car over and it is just as crazy and cool as the top...Everything is custom and finished to a very high level! The 2023 Ridler Award winner "Maximus" 1950 Mercury 2 Door Lead Sled, Crazy Custom from the 2023 Detroit Autorama...Check it out!!!

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