1950 Ford F100 Muscle Truck F1000

Check out this 1950 Ford F100 Muscle Truck I found up at the F100 show.... F1000 Originally the client requested a Muscle truck...He wanted a truck the He could go out and drive on the track...Run top speed stuff on air strips..And He wanted old school cool...A 1950 Ford F100....Covered in late model Mustang grey that gives it a dark aggressive look...The stance is right and even though wheels are always a personal choice...These remind me of a late model mustang and that works with the body color...The interior is all custom and has a aircraft theme going on...And a possible warning that this 1950 Ford F100 will fly!!...A full roll cage because again this 50 F100 was built to go fast...Even though the request for a race truck was kept in mind...This truck is finished to a very high level and all of the old school cool is still there...Under the hood the Shelby 5.4 Kenne Bell supercharged 1000 HP asphalt eating monster...As you would expect the suspension has all been upgraded to the best available and finished to a very high level...This 1950 Ford F100 F1000 from Pigeon Forge is a street beast for sure and I am sure it will blow Your mind...Check it out!!
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