1949 Chevrolet 3100 Pickup 2019 Pigeon Forge Rod Run

Check out this 1949 Chevrolet 3100 Pickup I found at the 2019 Pigeon Forge Rod Run...The truck started as a $2300 investment in basically a cab and a title and is now a 1949 Chevy Pickup that is going to win a ton of awards and draw a lot of media attention I sure...When I first spotted this 1949 Chevrolet 3100 Pickup in the parking lot of the 2019 Pigeon Forge Rod Run during load in day...I could tell it was a very nice build..The owner tells Me they wanted the old school look when it was driving down the road...But when they pulled this 1949 Chevrolet Pickup into a show...They could lay it on the ground....Open the hood...Show off the modern LS1 motor under the hood...Show what's hidden under this unassuming custom mix blue exterior...Kinda of a sleeper...Very cool for sure...The interior is custom still very 1949..... A very nice mixture of modern upgrade and old school cool....Bench seat...Custom gauges...Light and a darker earth tone brown ...It really works well for Me...Wheels are always a personal choice...But can you ever go wrong with some cool steelies!?!!...I argue..No!!..lol...This is one cool 1949 Chevrolet 3100 Pickup from the 2019 Pigeon Forge Rod Run...I'm sure you will love it as much as I do...Check it out!!
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