1940 Ford Hot Rod 2018 Bruce Harvey Pro Comp Custom Detroit Autorama

A 1940 Ford Hot Rod I found at the 2018 Detroit Autorama...Built by Bruce Harvey Pro Comp Custom the paint will be the first thing that would draw your attention to it...It looks like bare metal....But it's not....It has a "put on with a brush" look to it...But it's not....What it is...Crazy cool!!...The shading is mesmerizing....Kinda messes with your head...But if that was all you noticed..You would be missing that it is setting over 13 inches lower than a stock 1940 Ford...You would also miss that fact that it is shorter that a stock 1940 Ford....This car is no were near the size of a stock 1940 Ford....But you have to look close to notice..,The other cool feature that jumps out at you..Is the exhaust coming out of the hood and running through the fender and coming out the running board...Is that real!?!?!...Yes.....This build is one of those that will have you smiling for a long time and will amaze you along the way....Very cool build for sure...Check it out!!!
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