1939 Ford George Lamb Street Rod 2023 Goodguys Columbus

In this video I have a one of a kind 1939 Ford Street Rod built for George Lamb from the 2023 Goodguys Columbus event. Street Rods are the foundation of Hot Rodding and Custom cars, But like all things in life, taste change and they are not what's "Hot" right now...Street Machines and Pickup Trucks are hot right now. So when I walked through the Street Rod of the Year field at the 2023 Goodguys Columbus OH event I didn't expect to find something that would stop me in My tracks and put a huge smile on My face...After all the years that Street Rods have been around, it's very hard to come up with something that is truly different...This 1939 Ford Street Rod is Different!! First the highly modified body is covered in a steel blue? color paint...It's a light blue...but not your "Petty" blue light blue, It has a purple? hue to it...I'm a fan of the color blue and I really dig this one. The interior is a dark gray/black with a modern touch...without losing the look and feel of a Traditional Street Rod. Under the custom hood is a cleanly installed modern Coyote 5.0 ,and some very cool custom touches. Wheels are always a personal choice and no one set will please everyone...I really dig the one off custom Mike Curtis wheels they chose to run. Suspension is modern and rear brakes are inboard to give it another very cool custom touch. The thing that makes this 1939 Ford Street Rod different from the 100's thousands of Street Rods that came before it...I looks like a 2024 Street Rod, like it was built for todays market...It has a Street Machine look to it..Yet! it still looks like a Traditional Street Rod.. I'm a BIG fan of this 1939 Ford Street Rod built for George Lamb from the 2023 Goodguys Columbus Event and I think You will be to...Check it out!!!
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