1934 Lincoln Pickup "Instigator" 2019 Detroit Autorama

Check out this all custom 1934 Lincoln Pickup from the 2019 Detroit Autorama..."Instigator"....I don't think that Lincoln made a pickup back in 1934..But if they did...I don't think it would have been as cool as this one from the 2019 Detroit Autorama...This 1943 Lincoln Pickup...Real or not is covered in a custom mix satin brown that works really well with copper and aluminum that everything else is trimmed in..Skinny tires and wire wheels add to the coolness of this 1934 Lincoln pickup from the 2019 Detroit Autorama...The interior is all metal with just a touch of leather... Either aluminum or chopper and it is way cool....There is a whole in the bed that exposes all the rear suspension...The underside is all paneled up and just as cool as the top...There is no hood covering up the sneaky Pete supercharged 292 Y block..It has some very cool custom headlight buckets and detail work that will surly bring a smile to your face...This 1934 Lincoln Pickup "Instigator" from the 2019 Detroit Autorama was one of My favorites from the 2019 Detroit Autorama and I am sure it will be one of Yours..Check it out!
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