1932 Ford Phanton "All In" 2020 Deuce's Wild Car Show 2020 Atlantic City Auto Auction and Car Show

Check out this video I shot at the 2020 Deuce's Wild Car Show that was part of the 2020 Atlantic City Auto Auction and Car Show....Built by One Off Rod & Customs this is a car that Chip Foose worked with Brookville Roadsters to help design...The production of these bodies is limited to 32...This is #3...Now most people will agree Chip has a very creative mind and what comes out of it is usually very cool...And this car was no exception...In stock form they are very cool cars...This 1932 Ford Phanton is far form stock...Gary at One Off Rod & Customs wanted to take it to the next level...And do it in just 117 days...This 1932 Ford Phanton from the Deuce's Wild Car Show in Atlantic City is just beautiful...Covered in a two tone paint and encased in hand painted pinstripes...That goes perfect with the Classy cool style of this build....There have been several body modifications to the original Brookville Roadster Body...Little longer...Lower...Nothing major....But enough to make a big difference in the appearance...The interior is all custom and very fitting for this build...Wheels are always a personal choice but I really like the custom wire wheels it wears...Powered by a HEMI with six deuces and a vintage intake....Custom headers...I couldn't imagine a better choice..This car from the 2020 Deuce's Wild Car Show is classy cool for sure...It was one that I just wanted to keep looking at...I'm sure You will feel the same way...Check it out!!
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