1932 Aviation Refueling Hot Rod Truck "Low Standard" 2018 SEMA Show Battle Of The Builder Finalist

The 1932 Aviation Refueling Hot Rod Truck "Low Standard" from the 2018 SEMA Show...What started as a find on Ebay as a retired horse drawn tanker has turned into one very cool...One of a kind Hot Rod... You never know what you will see at the SEMA Show and I have seen all kinds of cool vehicles...But I have never seen one like this....After the horse drawn tanker was dragged home...The next piece to the custom puzzle was a 1932 Willy's 4-door sedan....After six years of thinking...Cutting...Welding...and tons of Man hours.....You have "Low Standard" .....It's a what if type of build...I talke to Eddie one of the builder and He tells Me the whole story....It's also has a surprise under the hood...No LS there but imho...A great choice....When your at The SEMA Show your neck gets sore from looking around at all the cool....But this 1932 Aviation Refueling Tanker Hot Rod was getting everyone's attention I'm a BIG fan and I think you will be to...Check it out!!! Make sure You Subscribe to this channel and Visit ScottieDTV.com for cool new content weekly!!

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