Happy Thanksgiving

A Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!!!!

Plymouth Duster

You don’t see many really nice Dusters…this is one…ck it out!!

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Two nice Mopars I found up at The Grand Rod Run..like big wheels..ck this out!!!

2006 Maserati Gransport

I found this Maserati at a church cruise in…cool car..ck it out !!

1995 Harley Davidson Fatboy

A really cool 1995 Harley Davidson Fatboy I found up at The Grand Rod Run 2010…ck it out!!!

1966 Chevy Nova

It took Jimmy 10 yrs to get to this 1966 Chevy Nova..it has 603 HP …very nice…ck it out!!!

1968 RS Camaro 4-Speed Test car

This is a Historical car…I was a little confused by it when I shot this video…in the end this is the car that they tested the the Saginaw 4 speed transmission on…most test cars are crushed…not this one..ck it out!!!

PT Cruiser 5.7 Hemi part 2

I was able to spend a few minuets with the owner of the PT Cruiser w/5.7 Hemi I shot earlier..and the man that did the conversion…interesting…ck it out!!

1994 Impala Wagon Custom

This is proof that anything can be a Hot Rod..check out this 1994 Impala Wagon,,very cool!

1977 C-10 Pick Up Hot Rod

Kyle has one cool Hot Rod…a 77 Chevy Pick up..If you like chrome…your going to like this..ck it out!!!

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