2017 Pigeon Forge Rod Run Drive Out

The 2017 Pigeon Forge Rod Run was a great three day event….The strip was rolling all day and late into the night…As I have showed you we had some very nice cars inside the event also…One of the things I try to do is catch everyone as they drive out…I mean you see how cool they look….Now you can hear them….Set back and turn it up!!!….Make sure you Subscribe to this Channel and Visit www.ScottieDTV.com For new content weekly!!!

2017 Wild Wheels Car Show

New Orleans, Louisiana
Article by Larry Crain
Photos by Barbara Crain

Take New Orleans, AKA, “The Big Easy”, The Mercedez-Benz Superdome, and over 225 of the most awesome cars, trucks and motorcycles, mix them all together and you have the 2017 Wild Wheels Car Show. This all-new event was put together by Lionel and Paul Dowling, the father and son team that make up Dowling Productions. Neither one of then, along with Show Chairman Kal Smith, are newbies to the car scene as they live and breathe hot rods. So, who better to put on a car show in what is one of the greatest places to host an event.

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2017 Pigeon Forge Rod Run Walk Through

The Pigeon Forge Rod Run is a tradition that has been going on over 30 years….There are two parts to the event…The part of the show that is out on the strip….There are a couple of thousand cool cars out there…But the best of the best are found inside at the LeConte Even Center in Pigeon Forge Tennessee….In this video I walk you through all the cool find if you bought a ticket….Hope you enjoy it…Check it out!!!,,,Make sure you Subscribe to this Channel and Visit www.ScottieDTV.com For new content weekly!!

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1956 Chevrolet Bel Air

A Four Wheel Memorial
Article and photos by Larry Crain
Additional photo provided by Stephanie Sanchez

This article is about how a family is using a 1956 Chevrolet Bel Air as a rolling memorial to a father that was a great car builder and a well-loved man throughout the automotive community along the Gulf Coast. Doug Brock of LaPlace, Louisiana passed away in September of 2016 and will always be remembered as a man that loved to build cars and enjoyed driving them just as much. Over the years Doug built seven cars, and one of my favorites, a 1933 Packard, convertible now resides in a museum.

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2017 ScottieDTV Dirty Dozen 2017 Pigeon Forge Rod Run

For the last several years ScottieDTV has invited 12 Cars to the Pigeon Forge Rod Run to represent the channel…I spend all year putting together what I believe will be a group of vehicles that will blow people away…2017 was a year I think I nailed it for sure!!…I had cool custom Trucks…..Corvettes…..A Camaro…A mustang… Several award winners….Even a Great eight winner, fresh out of Detroit!!!…I don’t think you will be disappointed…Check it out!! Make sure you Subscribe to this channel and Visit www.ScottieDTV.com For cool content!!

1994 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 Right Hand Drive 2016 Auctions America Auburn Fall Collector Car Weekend

A 1994 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1…What make this one special is that is right hand drive….There is believed to be only two of these cars ever built….One of the cool things about the Auctions America Fall Collector Car Weekend is that you will see things that you won’t see everyday…The sale portion is always exciting….It’s a great event..Make sure you make the next one!!!…Subscribe to this Channel and Visit www.ScottieDTV.com For new content weekly!!!
For more information on this event please visit http://bit.ly/2dF7XdS

Stranglehold – 1971 Plymouth Cuda

Article and show photos by Larry Crain
Additional photos supplied by Kyle Cothren

Sometimes we can start out on a project that we think “oh this will be a cheap and easy build.” Then next thing you know you’re bleeding cash and the credit card is maxed out with the project still not finished. Kyle Cothren of Santa Rosa Beach, Florida found himself in a similar situation with this 1971 Plymouth Cuda, and after completion of the project appropriately nicknamed the car Stranglehold.

The Stranglehold Cuda was found in a barn in South Carolina where it had been sitting for about 30 years. The owner had no real interest in selling it as it was his dream car and was going to finish building it one day. Kyle had kept an eye on the old Cuda over the years in the hope that the owner would one day change his mind about selling it. Years went by and the owner of the Cuda passed away without ever seeing his dream car completed. The old car sat for another seven years before a deal was struck with Kyle and the owner’s family.

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1955 Chrysler Imperial Convertible Rutterz Rodz The SEMA Show 2016

What is a 1955 Chrysler Imperial Convertible….Well in this case it is a replica of a prototype that by buddy Mike Rutter of Rutterz Rodz brought to The SEMA Show 2016….They took two fairly rare cars and turned them into one of the most beautiful cars to grace the floor of The SEMA Show 2016…Not a crazy custom….or slammed street machine….This car is class….grace…..beauty….elegance Check it out….You will see what I mean….Oh….Mike doesn’t build anything you can’t drive….This car is ready for the open road…or a country road in East Tennessee…..You have got to see this one… Check it out!!..Make sure you Subscribe to this Channel and visit www.ScottieDTV.com For new content weekly!!!

2016 Pigeon Forge Rod Run “G Smith Motorsports”

The Pigeon Forge Rod Rod always has a large area of cool vendors One of my favorites is G Smith Motorsports….They are know for bringing highly customized Motorcycles…. I have shot several in the past as features…In this video I take a quick walk through of their display at the 2016 Pigeon Forge Rod Run fall…Cool is Cool….And these Guys know cool!!…Check it out!!!…Make sure you Subscribe to this Channel and Visit www.ScottieDTV.com For new content weekly!!!

Pro-Touring – 1963 Chevy Nova

Article and photos by Larry Crain

This beautiful 1963 Chevrolet Nova owned by Gene Delcomyn of Brandon, Mississippi is an awesome example of the Pro-Touring style brought to show level. While most Pro-Touring style cars and trucks are built from day one as engineering marvels and feature beautiful craftsmanship, they mostly see the autocross or road course tracks, not the floors of indoor shows. I saw this one recently in a video Scottie D had done for ScottieDTV while at the Birmingham World of Wheels, and then I saw it again at the Wild Wheels Car Show in the Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana.

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